It´s 4 U!


Meine Art all den Zweiflern, Nörglern und Skeptikern zu antworten (Man beachte hier den Text, der mir einfach aus der Seele spricht):

It’s the way you see me,
girl-945819but it’s not what I am, leave your worries behind,
Now you gonna hear what I say.
Please don’t try to stop me,
now it’s time for me to do things on my own.
Let me do it my way!
It’s the way you judge me,
thinking what you see is what I am inside.
Just because you think you know me.
Don´t know my expressions,
never tried to understand my way of life,
acting like you know me.
Even though that I´m younger,
I still know the way to keep it stronger.
There´s a bright new world
waiting for me.

→ID Peace B (English Version)←

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